CBS Conveyor Rollers & Frames


CBS Conveyor Rollers

The CBS Conveyor Roller range has both standard and customised offerings, including:

  • Trough Rollers
  • Return Rollers
  • Impact Rollers
  • Rubber Disc Return Rollers

CBS Conveyor Rollers can be manufactured using a range of materials, including steel, HDPE, polyurethane and rubber covered steel, and are available for light, medium and heavy duty applications.

Download the CBS Roller Sizing Guide for standard specifications.

Customised Rollers

CBS Conveyor Rollers can be custom manufactured, with options relating to dimensions, wall thickness, bearing size, load capacity, material, surface finish, mounting centres, etc.

Enquire about the CBS Conveyor Roller Range and/or customisation options.


CBS Conveyor Frames

CBS manufactures quality engineered conveyor frames, offering both standard and customised specifications.

Conveyor frame types include trough, impact and return and can suit any belt width and roller diameter. CBS frames are available in a galvanised or painted finish.

All CBS conveyor frames meet the relevant Australian Standards and our manufacturing facility is compliant with the ISO 9001:2015 quality standard.

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