Conveyor Services & Solutions

Complete Belting Solutions Pty Ltd can fulfil any conveyor service work and maintenance requirement from installation to repair Australia wide.  Our commitment to quality workmanship and customer satisfaction sets us apart from our competitors – what other conveyor belt installation companies consider “going above and beyond” we consider standard practice. Leverage our extensive experience and let us work with you to develop a maintenance program that lengthens your conveyor system servicing intervals.

For a full list of all services offered by CBS, please download the CBS Products and Services brochure. To learn more about how our conveyor belt installation and repair services can help you, contact  our Melbourne head office on (03) 8375 1910 or via email at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Installation and Repair

Conveyor belt installation services include:

  • Conveyor Belt Splicing – from specialised through to heavy mining
  • Pre-works on new conveyor belts to prepare ends and/or create longer endless belt lengths for easier installation
  • Roller installation
  • Conveyor Belt Cleaner installation – includes onsite installation training
  • Conveyor Frame installation
  • Conveyor System installation
  • Water Management System Installation
  • Rubber and Ceramic Lining – either onsite or in one of our dedicated workshops
  • Rubber and Ceramic Pulley Lagging – either onsite in situ or in one of our dedicated workshops
  • Anti-wear Solutions
  • Skirting Rubber replacement and assemblies
  • General Fitting Services

Repair and maintenance services include:

  • Hot Splice Conveyor Belt repairs
  • Cold Splice Conveyor Belt repairs
  • Conveyor Belt Clip and Mechanical Fastener repairs
  • Conveyor Belt Cleaner service and repairs
  • Pulley Repairs
  • Conveyor System maintenance
  • Skirting Rubber adjustment
  • Total Conveyor Maintenance Services


24/7 Breakdown Services

As a leading conveyor belt repair company, we understand the need for a prompt response to minimise lost time when breakdowns occur. CBS offers a 24-hour full breakdown call out service – from small repairs to full changeouts – for businesses from Melbourne to Sydney and Brisbane and across the country.

Every vehicle in our service fleet is geared with all tools and equipment necessary to complete any maintenance/repair task, ensuring the quickest response times possible.


Shutdown and Scheduled Services

CBS’s full conveyor asset shutdown and scheduled works services include planning, full chain management and delivery. We work with our customers to ensure that downtime is managed effectively and minimised as much as possible, as well as offer post-work performance reviews.

For further information about our asset maintenance and management capabilities, click here.


Testing Services

CBS offers a range of testing services for conveyor belts and system componentry, including:

  • Thickness testing of conveyor belt rubber covers
  • conveyor belt lifespan prediction
  • conveyor belt failure analysis
  • splice failure analysis
  • abrasion testing for liner materials
  • gearbox failure analysis
  • conveyor roller testing
  • conveyor belt cleaner testing and analysis
  • breakaway, TIR and dynamic imbalance testing
  • pulley lagging testing, etc