Fasteners and Adhesives


Mechanical Fasteners

CBS offers an extensive range of premium mechanical fasteners for all belt widths, including screw, clip and rivet types. Mechanical fasteners provide a cost effective and time efficient means of repairing a conveyor belt.

Selecting the correct type of mechanical belt fastener is critical. Contact CBS for further information or help in selecting the best fastener for your application.


Hot Bonding Products

CBS offers premium hot vulcanisation products including uncured skim rubber, cover rubber, rubber solutions and repair bands and fabric, all of which ensure maximum splice adhesion and strength.


Cold Bonding Adhesives

CBS offers a range of two-part cold bonding solutions designed for use in the splicing of fabric ply belts, as well as rubber-to-rubber and rubber-to-metal adhesion. Solution strength and flexibility differs depending on requirements.

CBS also offers a range of cements, activators, primers and solvents for use in cold bonds applications.

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