Asset Maintenance and Management

CBS has come to establish itself as a leading provider of expert asset management and maintenance services. CBS recognises that effective asset management is critical, and gears its focus on extending asset life and operational efficiency, reducing unplanned downtime and decreasing maintenance costs.

CBS delivers its full suite of services to companies from Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and across Australia. Due to its commitment to quality and reliability, CBS has been awarded various multi-site service and supply contracts with major companies and has a proven record of increasing operational efficiency while reducing costs. Based on this, CBS is confident that it can offer any site the technical expertise and products required to meet the most challenging of requirements.  

Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Implementation

Effective maintenance planning and scheduling of works is the cornerstone of a productive and well-functioning site.

CBS has proven expertise in devising asset maintenance strategies that will improve operational effectiveness, reduce maintenance costs and deliver sustainable return on assets over the short, medium and long term.

CBS’s multi-faceted approach to planning, scheduling, staffing and execution ensures that we are capable of implementing a range of maintenance activities including full shutdowns through to ad hoc scheduled service works of all sizes and timeframes, keeping safety, quality, asset performance and cost efficiency the priority.  

CBS’s maintenance planning and scheduling coordinators will:

  • Ensure asset performance by tracking and managing an asset’s performance and availability, and apply preventative maintenance activities/plans according the criticality status of the asset in order to ensure optimal operational efficiency
  • Ensure continuous improvement by introducing CI initiatives and programs
  • Manage costs by reducing downtime (both planned and unplanned), as well as balance maintenance costs with replacement costs
  • Ensure compliance by reducing risk and ensuring that maintenance practices meet both regulatory and company requirements, particularly in relation to WHS

In addition to planning and scheduling, CBS has the technical expertise and capacity to perform all necessary conveyor and mechanical asset maintenance works.

CBS also offers both short term and long-term contract maintenance planning, scheduling and implementation services, which can help to ease the burden on sites by not having to employ dedicated maintenance planners and works performers.

Contact CBS to discuss your maintenance planning and scheduling implementation needs.

Anti-Wear Solutions

Lining – Rubber and Ceramic

Lining provides a protective barrier between parts/componentry and the product passing over them, preventing corrosion and increasing the parts’ service life.

CBS offers full rubber and ceramic lining services both onsite and at its dedicated workshops. CBS’s team of expert rubber liners have both hot and cold bonded lining capabilities in relation to a variety of parts and componentry, including pipes, gaskets, chutes, tanks, spools, valves and panels. CBS’s mobile crews can provide services such as onsite lining assessments, repairs and full reline of components in situ. We can also conduct lining integrity assessments and reporting.

CBS can supply any required rubber and ceramic compounds for a range of applications, including:

  • Chemical resistant
  • Anti-wear
  • Protective coatings, etc

See CBS’s full range of Rubber and Ceramic Products

Blasting, painting and other external coatings are conducted in house (further information). Link to Sandblasting and Painting

Contact CBS to discuss your lining needs.


Lagging – Rubber, Ceramic and Polyurethane

Lagging has a number of functions, including the prevention of conveyor belt slippage, improved belt traction, reduced belt wear and increased component longevity.

CBS offers full lagging services using rubber, ceramic and polyurethane, both onsite and at its dedicated workshops.

CBS’s mobile crews can provide services such as onsite lagging integrity assessments and reporting, repairs and full re-lagging of components in situ.

CBS can supply lagging for a range of applications – see CBS’s full range of Rubber and Ceramic Products. Link to Rubber and Ceramic Products

Contact CBS to discuss your lagging needs.


Blasting, Painting and Spraying

CBS offers a range of blasting and painting solutions that can be undertaken at its purpose-built facility or on site using our fully self-contained mobile blast units.

  • Abrasive blasting, specialising in sandblasting
  • Specialised industrial coatings, including polyurethane and chemical resistant coatings
  • Powder coating
  • Spray painting

Contact CBS to discuss your coating needs.



CBS has the following cutting capabilities:

  • Laser
  • Plasma
  • Water Jet
  • Oxy Acetylene

Contact CBS to discuss your cutting needs.


Repair and Refurbishment

CBS provides comprehensive and cost-effective repair and refurbishment services that returns equipment to OEM standards and specifications.

These services are available both on site in situ or at one of our dedicated facilities

CBS offers:

  • Machine repair/refurbishment (e.g. crushers, conveyors)
  • Individual componentry repair/refurbishment (e.g. buckets, pulleys, screens, pumps, shafts)
  • Turnkey refurbishment and rebuild
  • On demand mechanical services

CBS implements original material standards, specifications and precise tolerances to guarantee OEM standards.

Contact CBS to discuss your repair and refurbishment needs.


Audit and Mapping Services

CBS can conduct regular audits of conveyor and mechanical systems to ensure that the customer is achieving the most life possible. These audits see the regular identification and remediation of issues before they cause bigger problems for the site, and provide the ability for CBS to recommend ways in which the customer can increase longevity and reliability.

Contact CBS to discuss your audit and mapping needs.


Labour Hire

CBS offers short and long-term maintenance labour hire solutions.

For example, we have skilled maintenance workers undertaking daily preventative maintenance tasks full time on multiple sites in Melbourne, Sydney and across Australia.

All CBS technicians have the following qualifications and licences:

  • Relevant trade qualification (where applicable)
  • Elevated Work Platform
  • Working Safely at Heights
  • Confined Space Entry
  • White Card

Contact CBS to discuss your maintenance labour needs.